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NIEUW! - December 2019 - UNIEKE ONLINE TRAJECTEN - over vrouw/man zijn in waarheid, integriteit & kracht!




An honest exploration with Self towards an embodied, authentic and empowered life.


Sexuality ... often makes us think about sex and genitals, but our sexuality is so much more then that! It is our life force, our inner flow, our ability to enjoy and play. It can even be completely separated from the act of ‘having sex’. It shows how you move through life. 

At birth, we are like little plants that want to grow. Our experiences during those first developmental years put in place patterns in our brain and nervous system which later in life, often unconsciously, co-determine how we interact with ourselves and the world around us.​

Developmental trauma, shame, disease or a lack of education are often at the basis of why our life force is at a low, whilst deep inside we feel that things could be different, that something wants to break free. Exploring and developing your sexuality is like a highway into personal development, and you don't have to take this fast road on your own.

I am honored to guide you, with an open heart, when you are prepared to take an honest look at your triggers and hidden characteristics and when you are ready to embrace new parts of yourself. Gradually your self-love and overall awareness will grow, which lead you to make new choices that allow you to stand stronger in life. Sessions are tailor made and led by you, as the student of your own body and life. 

To be in connection with your sexuality does not mean that you should be having more sex, be more wild, or open to everyone. To be in connection with your sexuality is to be in connection with yourself. That you may feel and trust the language of your body, so you can follow her wisdom as a compass through the ups & downs of life. It means that you can feel at home in your body, safe and held, that you can take up your space in this world, that your senses are awake and your creativity flows.

This new way of therapeutic guiding works with both cognitive and somatic techniques. We get our food from disciplines such as PsychoSexual Somatics Therapy, Sexological Bodywork and the Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin.