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- Romaine Kohler -


Being tied up and tying is like a dance between two people. It is a powerful tool to take your partner on a journey. It allows you to play with a wide range of feelings and sensations. Restraining someone or being restrained with ropes often touches people in unexpected ways.

This workshop is an introduction on how to integrate ropes into your life, your sensuality, your sexuality. Some basic techniques will be demonstrated and practiced with hands-on exercises. However, technique is nothing without connection. That is why the focus of this workshop will also be on the dance that can be created between two people through the medium of ropes. How to make your partner feel safe, while conveying an emotion, a message : love, protection, proximity, passion, arousal, power.

After this workshop, you will:

> Have the tools to create a safe space to take your partner on a journey through the medium of ropes

> Know the basic do’s and don’ts of floor work

> Know how to negociate a scene, communicate during a scene, give and receive aftercare

> Have a basic understanding of rope dynamics that will allow you to start improvising and playing with the ropes straight away

> Know some basic knots and patterns that will give you some starting points to tie your partner

> Have some tools to connect to your body in order to feel more and be more present


There is no nudity. We welcome adults (18+) with an open & respectful attitude.

This workshop includes hands-on exercises. Please come with a play partner who you feel safe and comfortable to be intimate with. 

The program allows for both partners to tie and be tied up, but of course the choice remains yours.

You don’t have do know anything about ropes to come along. Ropes will be provided.

This workshop teaches the basics of floorwork. There will be no suspension.


Romaine is a certified sexological bodyworker and is qualified in both tantra and conscious kink. She trained with Betty Martin and thus holds consent and communication in high value. Her ropes work is inspired by Shibari, which she mixes up with her broad background and own intuitive style.

"What has led me where I am today is a strong - and still growing - belief that we should give our sexuality and our body a better loving space in our lives. What encouraged me on this path is the knowledge that the body has great wisdom and a potential to help us grow. We need only listen. When you come to me, it is your experience. And it should therefore be ideally exactly as you wish it to be (of course, within my boundaries, too). I invite you on this path of learning, sensuality and authenticity so you can have a thriling and even more loving connection with yourself, your sexuality and your body." - Romaine Kohler

During her short stay in Antwerp Romaine will also offer some exclusive private sessions lovingly and especially tailored for you, such as:
> Ropes & intimacy (private session or class) for single or couples
> Lomi lomi massage
> Tantra massage
> Fire ritual

Please, contact her directly for questions and bookings. Sessions are limited, so grab your chances!!! MAIL:


Early Bird: 80 euro pp

(till 1/2/2018)

Normal: 90 euro pp




10am - 7pm

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