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Private Sessions


During the somatic therapeutic guidance we will use different techniques to include the wisdom of your body into your exploration. We do this with respect for your rhythm and make sure to allow space for integration. That which you experience will be connected back to the cognitive, so your awareness about your patterns can grow and you can start making new choices in your daily life.

Each collaboration starts with an intake session where we clarify your question and feel what guidance is preferred. Successive sessions are tailor made and framed by clear mutual agreements and with respect for your boundaries. Sometimes a single session answers your question, though usually a series is recommended. 

I work from principles such as:


  • I don't fix you, as there is nothing 'wrong' with you

  • Safety, consent and respect for your boundaries are central

  • We create space for integration and I help link your process into your daily life

  • I work from a heart centered and grounded place

  • Sessions are co-creations between you as the explorer and me as your guide

  • You are invited to self reflection and to take responsibility for your choices

  • I work with 'no bullshit' authentic feedback

  • I have a trauma-informed practice

"it is only when compassion is present that people will allow themselves to see the truth"

- A.H. Almaas


You are welcome to bring your relational, intimacy and sexuality questions. This can be your life force energy, your body, your connection to Self or the other, your boundaries, pleasure and so much more. 

Possible research questions can be:

  • I want to be more empowered

  • I want to learn something specific about my body

  • I have scar tissue in my breasts, belly or pelvic area

  • I want to feel more life energy

  • I want to feel my boundaries and learn to say 'NO'

  • I want to slow down, soften, have a beter ability to handle stress

  • I experience pain or numbness during sex

  • I feel 'stuck' in my life

  • I'm not satisfied with my orgasm / erection

  • I want to learn to relate more authentically

  • I want to be more present in my body

  • I want to learn to express my needs and desires

  • I want to be seen, felt and heard

  • I want to learn to masturbate mindfully


Each session starts with a check-in. Collaboration will unfold from what is in the space in that very moment. Sessions are unique and may include talking, play, bodywork or a combination. Towards the end there is time for a closure of the journey made.

What may happen during a session?

  • cognitive & somatic excercices to explore your patterns

  • sex education for adults

  • talk about sex & intimacy

  • authentic relating and mirroring

  • breath, movement, sound

  • physical trauma release

  • strengthening and/or softening of life force energy

  • feel and communicate boundaries and desires

  • conscious touch and presence

  • mindful masturbation coaching

  • genital mapping (vaginal, anal or cock)


Each somatic guidance starts with an intake session during which we look at what you want to explore and what guidance is most suitable for you.

65 euro / intake (2h)


We go on a journey together through conversation, play and/or bodywork. Sessions are in person and usually part of a series.

160 euro / session (2h)


Welcome with your questions for coaching or advice in person or via Skype. 

70 euro / coaching (1h)

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