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Most of us vaguely (or vividly) remember our elementary school sex education with its focus on conception, a list of possible diseases and the highlight condom on the banana moment.

But what about our pleasure? Our red cheeks, beautiful clumsiness and human insecurities Where can we talk about the anatomy of arousal, about different types of orgasm, genital massage techniques or painless anal play? Not alone in a room watching a youtube video or in a doctors office, but cozy and together as adults, sharing our questions and experiences?


This is possible at the sex education classes!


Discover the anatomy of the sexes, their beautiful erection and what communication, presence and touch help them relax and enjoy. As a somatic sexologist I happily share my knowledge with you.



- Vanessa De Smet -


This is not a ‘workshop’, but a class. There is space for us to go into conversation as a group, to share experiences and discuss your specific questions. This is an informative and cozy evening where we learn in a fun way. You will take home lots of practical information.



There are currently no classes where we work with a demo model or explore our own bodies. These are however available on request.


3/2 - Mother's Gift, Gent

(enkel voor vrouwen)


20/2 - LoveWare, Mechelen

(mannen & vrouwen)

55 euro

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