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About Vanessa

My passion grew from a deep desire. A desire to be me, to enjoy life, to receive, be clumsy and play. A desire to fill with so much joy for living that it would naturally overflow into my surroundings.


My passion also grew from pain and anger. Pain during sex, pain for ignoring my truth in search of appreciation from the other, the boundaries I could not speak, not understanding my sexuality. 


And anger, that there are still so many taboos about our bodies, our natural way of being. That sexuality gets so locked up inside social or personal belief systems that we become unable to show ourselves authentically and that there are so few places where we can openly and safely explore all this.

My passion believes! It believes that things can be different. It believes in the language of our body, in the road of least resistance, in healing pleasure, in our natural state that wants to live, grow, move and play, in permission and space to 'be'.


It beliefs that things can be different, if we are prepared to look deep within, to the beauty of our power and the hidden treasures of our struggles. When we somatically feel and trust that all dances within the balance of life.

For many years I lived on the road, a nomad discovering the world. I lived in Spain, China and Mongolia. I filmed a documentary on environmental issues in Cambodia, learned how to walk again after a car crash in Australia and travelled across the national parks of North America with a campervan. They were 20 amazingly beautiful years of living life to the fullest! In the mean time I am back in my hometown, Antwerp. It is here that I started to slow down, find more silence and softness. It is here that a dear friend once said: "can you please go do something with this passion of yours, because you can't seem to shut up about it!" 

Many studies and experiences later, I now daily enjoy the fruits and growth of my ongoing journey within. It is not always an easy road, but how happy I am with the deep wisdom of my body, the silence, the receiving, the showing up authentically, the safety from my stronger 'NO' and the connection from my most exuberant 'YES'. There is sexuality, intimacy and deep love. I am allowed to enjoy, in abundance!


- PsychoSexual Somatics Therapy with Mike Lousada & Louise Mazanti 

- STREAM / Scar Tissue Remediation / Healing Pelvic Pain / Postpartum Health with Ellen Heed & Kimberley Ann Johnson

- Sexological Bodywork / Somatic Sex Educator at the Somatic Institute of Sexology with Joseph Kramer

- Like a Pro / The Wheel of Consent / Like a Pro Advanced / Foundation of Facilitation with Betty Martin

- Cuddle Party Facilitator Training

- Arvigo Therapy ® 

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